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Improving Your Game…You Can Practice Bowling at Home…No Bowling Lane Needed!

Many of the various bowling information sources suggest that practice will help you improve your bowling game and help you raise your bowling average. They are right, concentrated practice will improve your game.

The kicker is that bowling requires a lot of equipment in order to practice effectively. First you need a bowling lane and pins, [...]

Raising your Bowling Average…Scoring Facts and Oddities

Recent statistics suggest a mean bowling average for all bowlers in the US at somewhere between 150 and 155 per game. Bowling at this level can be accomplished with converting about 50% of your spares; however most bowlers will also throw 1 or 2 strikes per game.

Are Common Swing and Delivery Faults Keeping You from Bowling High Scores?

By Jim Newell

The correctly executed bowling swing and delivery is a simple, smooth, in control, and accurate method of getting the bowling ball from you to your strike target. When done correctly, and on a trajectory that takes advantage of the current lane conditions, more strikes and hence higher scores will be the result.Most bowling [...]

Adjusting Your Shot to the Lane Condition – Find Your Strike Line.

By Jim Newell

Bowling lanes require an application of oil to protect and maintain the lane surface. This oil or conditioner is usually spread across the lane surface by machine according to a set pattern depending on what the bowling venue is for that session; it could be open bowling, a league or a tournament. The [...]

Making Your Spares…Is This really the Secret To a Higher Scoring Average?

By Jim Newell

Let me begin with a true story about a spare that I missed that may have cost me a lot of money. Some years ago, I was bowling in the qualifying rounds of an “over forty” tournament. This was at the time a fairly popular local tournament club that attracted a lot of [...]

The Keys to Bowling at the Intermediate and Advanced Levels

By Jim Newell

As a beginning bowler you may feel that the intermediate and advanced levels are out of reach, in reality you probably have all of the necessary skills, you just need to know how to use them.